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Twitter has become an essential social network to keep up-to-date about everything.

That makes this official Twitter client for iPhone a must have for any user in this social network, because knowing everything about your friends no matter where you are can be essential for you.

Not only will you be able to receive messages, but you will also be able to tell everyone where you are, take photos and upload them, share comments, etc.

In short, if you are in Twitter, you need this Twitter client to be always on.
Twitter is now testing 280-character tweets on some accounts

The end of the world as we know is just around the corner. For some people it's a betrayal of their roots, for others a liberation when posting the intricacies of their online monologues, but the news is out that Twitter is testing the use of unrestricted 280-character tweets. Although it still hasn't been confirmed that this is an immediate change, several influential accounts are already using it and giving us an idea of the repercussions the change could have.
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Twitter officially releases its Lite version for Android

Some time ago we blogged about a new Twitter client designed especially to consume less data than the standard mobile app. The problem was that you had to use it in your browser, though we did reveal a couple of tricks to improve the user experience. Now you won't need them, though, given the official release of Twitter Lite, the skinny app that's finally available for Android from Uptodown.
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How to hide spoilers for your favorite shows on Twitter

New seasons of the hottest shows on TV bring with them the specter of lots of viewers' worst nightmare: spoilers. Dodging all info on the latest episode from your fave hit can be a lot harder than it sounds – the Internet is vast and there's always going to be people dying to talk about what they've just seen. Leaving aside the question of whether our collective fear of spoilers is a bit overblown, today we're going to throw a line to people who want to dodge spoilers to the greatest extent possible using the official Twitter client for Android.
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Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.